Hello and welcome to the personal blog of Devin Martinez, a blog for my various ramblings on anything gaming, anime, trading cards, and whatever else I deem worthy. Please take a look at the About Page for more information.

In 2017, I attempted to make two separate blogs: Devin73oldblog.wordpress.com, the predecessor to this blog, and TheDigiQuest.com, a website I created with my friend Rick. Over that year, I had trouble maintaining a regular presence on these sites, burning myself out from creating long, drawn out articles or lacking the writing ability to get my words down in a way I felt worthy of publishing. Despite these issues, I’ve decided I want to continue writing but in a low pressure environment. While I would like to write on a consistent basis, I don’t think it’s best for the longevity of my blogging to put tight time constraints on myself that ignore my 40 hour work week or love of consuming various mediums. As such, I hope to release something every other week bare-minimum starting soon but well, we’ll see what happens. If I can release more content than twice a month then I will but until I can improve upon my writing/find my groove I don’t want to make any bold promises.

I’ve always wanted to be a content creator and this blog is going to be my first real step towards that dream. I hope I can create content worthy of people to follow along with me in the coming months. Stay tuned for more information.