Hello and Happy New Year! As we start off 2024, I wanted to provide some insights on ideas and content plans I have for growing ATB-Gaming. When I started the blog, I threw a lot at the wall behind the scenes but most of it I never posted for one reason or another. Going into 2024, I want to hit a level of quality and output that I can be proud of and start really growing the blog. With this in mind, I want to highlight the four primary types of content I want to consistently produce in addition to news, showcases, and other editiorials that’ll emerges as needed.

ATB-Highlights (Blog Posts)

One of the most consistent pieces of content I’ve produced are my “ATB-Highlights”, a name I’m still workshopping but the intent of these are to be more traditional blog-style “what I’ve been playing” posts. The idea is to fill content gaps and have a more casual medium to give my thoughts rather than a full impression or review as a lot of games would slip through the cracks. For SEO and growing the blog, these are lowest on the totem pole as SEO is really difficult with so many dispret topics but I think they’re still an important part of the “blog” DNA. My plan is to continue releasing one at least every two weeks.


The next most consistent form of content are the “Impressions” or my more analytical thoughts on the first X hours of a new game. In these posts, I try to break down my temperature of a new release to help inform potential players of what to expect. As these do not require me to complete a game, I’ll continue to produce these as I play games. Where these lose value are when I’m unable to pick up an important title around the release window where impressions are most important.


The biggest focus of 2024 is to start successfully producing review content, with an emphasis on “successfully”. Over the 6 months I’ve worked on the blog, I’ve created a near dozen different reviews all of which didn’t meet my expectations or quality bar so I didn’t release them. Where I tend to struggle is hitting the happy medium of informative and entertaining. It’s something that’ll take practice to overcome but I want to hit a level where I can be happy to start releasing these in 2024, ideally at least one a month.

Why You Should Play

Lastly, “Why You Should Play” are a form of content similar to reviews but instead of providing a score with an either good or bad conitation, I want to instead tell you why this is worth your time to play. These posts will allow me to express my opinions on more great games or hidden gems without having to overanalyse every aspect and instead focus on why we love games. I’m most excited about this idea so I hope you stay tuned.

And there you have it. As I mentioned at the top, these will not be the only form of content I produce but will instead be what I work on between important pieces of news or ideas that emerge throughout the year. These give me a goal to achieve and are what I think will be important for growing the blog and retaining readers. I have other ideas of what I’d like to do down the line, such as Youtube videos to go along side written reviews, etc. but we’re a long ways away from anything like that. I have high hopes for 2024 and I hope you’ll take a look at what the site has to offer!